White Paper

5 e-commerce payment best practices for 2021 and beyond

How to make online payment a cornerstone of success in the “new normal”

The COVID-19 crisis has transformed consumer behaviour across the planet. For e-commerce, it has created a strong momentum that is probably here to stay.


However, the acceleration of online shopping also brings with it new demands and pressures. Maximising returns and minimising costs has never been more important. In this white paper, we explore how you can sharpen your online payment strategy to take full advantage of the “new normal”.


You will discover:

  • how to avoid wasting major revenue potential in international markets
  • a boring, but mission-critical function that might need your attention
  • an often overlooked, but vital requirement for successful sales events and rapid growth

…plus two more best practices you should integrate in your payment strategy in order to gain competitive advantage and future-proof your e-commerce business.


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