Seamless updates of cards on file

Account Updater is a Worldline value-added service that enables you to automate updates of your customers’ payment information, for example when their cards expire or are replaced.

On average, 30 percent of your customer accounts will need to be updated every year. When cards you have on file are no longer valid, declined transactions and the request to provide updated card information may cause consumers to reconsider their purchase or their subscription.

With Account Updater, there’s no need for your customers to do anything when their cards expire. Updated account information is automatically delivered to you by Worldline, reducing the risk of transactions being declined. Your customers stay happy, and you keep receiving your payments on time.

To help our merchants manage cardholder data in a PCI compliant way, Worldline offers secure storage of card numbers in our Tokenization solution.

As a complement to this, Account Updater enables significant cost savings by minimizing the amount of times you need to contact customers about card updates, manage declined transactions and provide customer service.


How it works

Worldline delivers the Account Updater service in partnership with the major card issuers and our acquiring partners.

The card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) maintain an updating service to which the participating card issuers submit account changes on an ongoing basis.

When you send us an update request for an account number or a token reference, we transfer the inquiry to this service. The service matches your inquiry with the latest submissions from the card issuers, and sends back updated account information.

Worldline then delivers the new account record to you, enabling you to update your billing database, charge a valid card, and receive your payment on time without having to contact the customer.

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