The local Polish payment method

Dotpay offers wide choice of payment methods that cover 100% of the polish e-payments market. This includes traditional payment channels such as e-transfers. Quick e-transfers are the most popular method of payment in Poland accounting for more than 47% of all e-commerce transactions.

With Dotpay a large number of banks are available as part of a single connection. Merchants offering this local payment method can higher their conversion rates, as a result of the big number of banks that they offer.

The payment of funds to the merchant is 100% guaranteed and is transferred immediately with instant confirmation. During the transaction process, the likelihood of an error is also very low as the transfer details are loaded automatically and cannot be edited.

Merchant Advantages

  • Offers a local trusted payment solution that helps increase sales
  • Customers are redirected to their own bank to finalize payment
  • Provides merchants with access to a market segment with limited credit card usage
  • Excellent alternative payment solution for declined card transactions and blocked customers

Customer Advantages

  • Provides a trusted and familiar local payment method
  • Convenient, reliable, and simple transaction process
  • Offers access to more products and services
  • No credit or debit card needed

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