Secure online bank transfers

giropay was introduced in 2006 and is supported by more than 1,500 German banks. It is a popular acceptance method for merchants, because it gives their customers a quick, easy to use and secure online method to pay for goods and services via their own bank account. With giropay merchants are guaranteed their funds and they will greatly benefit from not having to deal with chargebacks.

In addition, giropay is an excellent alternative payment method that can be offered to those shoppers that do not have or desire to use their credit card online. Shoppers feel comfortable and secure because their payment is facilitated by their own bank, which eliminates the risk of fraud or default. Furthermore, a giropay transaction is free of charge for the shopper, and their transaction history and payment details can be viewed in their own banking reports.

With a population size of over 82 million people, giropay represents a significant portion of Germany’s online payment traffic (35 million potential shoppers). Germany is ranked 5th in the world in terms of online sales, with alternative payments being strongly preferred to card payments. 60% of the population (48.5 million) shop online, of which 14.1 million shop cross-border.

giropay offers high level of security, real-time confirmation of payment authorization and possibility of immediate shipping of goods.

Merchant Advantages

  • Provides a real-time online payment method convenient to customers with no risk and low risk of returns for the merchant
  • Increases sales by offering a local trusted payment solution that is offered by all major banks in Germany
  • Once a payment has been initiated, it cannot be reversed by the bank
  • Customers are automatically enrolled and do not need to register. They simply select giropay as their payment method and approve the payment

Customer Advantages

  • Clients of the bank are automatically enrolled and do not need to register
  • High trust as customers are directed to their online bank account
  • Convenient, reliable, and simple transaction process
  • No credit or debit card needed

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