Transaction management made easy

OneSource is Worldline’s self-service portal and go-to place for merchants with on- and offline payment solutions.

OneSource makes it easy to manage all your day-to-day interactions with Worldline: view and search for transaction and settlement data, act on transactions, handle disputes, and work with reports.

The user-friendly interface enables you to perform those essential daily tasks with minimum effort and maximum efficiency.


Thanks to OneSource’s powerful search and filtering functions, finding just the right data for your purpose is always simple and straightforward. It is also easy to track your transactions throughout their life cycle.

The unified search interface enables quick lookups of all your payment-related data, including all payment methods and transaction types. You can search for individual transactions, or filter data for specific time periods. In terms of settlements, you’ll find an overview of total volumes, but also functionality enabling you to drill down to each individual transaction that’s included.


OneSource at a glance:
• Easy access to all transaction data
• Tools to act on transactions
• Simplified dispute handling
• Consolidated reports

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