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Sofort GmbH is a payment service provider, which in 2014 was acquired by Klarna and the Klarna Group was established. Sofort (also known as Pay now) is a simple and fast payment method which allows customers to make payments using their online banking details.

In contrast to a regular bank transfer, the customer is only required to verify the payment without having to fill out all the details. Details such as the amount and the beneficiary are already filled out thereby reducing the chances of human error.

Sofort GmbH based in Munich, Germany, and founded in 2005 initially under the name Payment Network, offers products and services for the secure purchase of physical and digital goods on the Internet. Sofort is the market leader amongst the online banking-based payment methods in Germany (15%) and Austria (7%). On average, 3 million Sofort transactions are made every month. More than 35.000 online merchants offer Sofort as a payment scheme to their customers.

Merchant Advantages

  • Provides an additional real-time online payment acceptance method, convenient to customers which presents very low risk
  • Increases sales by offering a local trusted payment solution that supports all the major banks in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and Slovakia
  • Provides merchants with access to a market segment with limited credit card usage
  • Customers do not need to register. They simply select Sofort as their payment method, select their bank and approve the payment
  • Provides alternative payment option for declined card transactions

Customer Advantages

  • Provides a trusted and familiar local payment method that is supported by the customer’s bank
  • Convenient, reliable, and simple transaction process
  • No credit or debit card needed when completing payment

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