Worldline and Klarna


Klarna was founded in 2005 with a single mission: to make paying for online purchases simpler and safer. Originally named Kreditor, the Stockholm-based company was the first to offer Swedish customers a trusted online payment solution that allowed them to receive goods first and pay for them later via invoice.

In 2008, the company expanded to serve customers in Norway, Denmark and Finland and launched an installment payment option to meet the growing need for a flexible and friction-free payment method. Kreditor changed its name to Klarna in 2009 and over the next few years added Germany, The Netherlands and Austria to its growing list of markets. New services were also added, including Klarna Checkout, a simple solution that requires a customer to submit an email address and a zip code to purchase an item.

Klarna joined forces with SOFORT in 2013 to become the largest European payment provider. Today, Klarna Group is one of Europe’s fastest growing companies. It boasts more than 1,100 employees and is active in 16 countries. Klarna currently serves 25 million consumers, works with more than 45,000 merchants and manages over 200,000 payments daily.


Klarna wanted to offer its alternative payment solutions in more countries and were looking to move quickly, however they recognized that expanding independently, tackling multiple technical integrations, and maintaining partnerships with numerous financial institutions would take considerable time and attention. Klarna looked to partner with Worldline to address these challenges and aggressively expand internationally.


By partnering with Worldline, Klarna is able to process consumers’ credit card and online bank transfer payments in their Checkout solution using Worldline international payment gateway. At the same time, Worldline added Klarna Invoice to its portfolio of online payment options in Europe, thereby enabling merchant clients to offer this popular payment option to their consumers in Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands.


Both Klarna and Worldline have benefitted greatly from the partnership.

“By working with a global e-commerce and payments leader like Worldline, we have a single integration and point of contact that can support our continued geographic expansion. This integration enables us to speed our time to market as we continue to grow our business,” said Max Emilson, director of Global Partner Solutions at Klarna.

“The partnership with Klarna presents multiple mutually beneficial opportunities,” said Martin Sunnerstig, General Manager at Worldline Sweden. “By adding Klarna to our payments portfolio—which today supports over 190 international and local payment options—we can offer our clients even more alternatives designed to cater to buyer preferences and drive online sales conversions. By using Worldline’s international payments gateway, Klarna can offer its consumers convenient access to world-class payment processing services.”

Online merchants who offer Klarna through Worldline stand to benefit as well. Not only are they able to take advantage of a simple product integration, they also receive the same reporting and administrative tools that are part of the standard reporting structure for other Worldline supported payment methods. Additionally, they can expect to see significantly higher conversion rates, ranging from an average of 20 percent to up to 80 percent, making the Klarna Worldline partnership a win, win, win.

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