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Integrating with Worldline’s highly secure platform is easy. Because no two businesses are alike, we offer three different methods for integrating with us. You can opt for a quick solution requiring minimum effort, or a more flexible and customizable checkout page. You can choose whether or not to handle customer cardholder data, and you have various options for reducing your PCI scope.

Below is a brief overview of our different integration options and their respective advantages, to help you determine which method best suits your business priorities, your particular setup, and the kinds of payments you want to process.


Choosing the right option: What to consider.

In order to choose the integration method that best suits your needs, here are some factors to take into account:
• The relative importance of speed and ease versus flexibility and control
• Whether you need to process only card payments, or other payment methods as well
• Readiness to accept responsibility for handling cardholder data
• Level of IT resources available to invest in the integration process
• Level of in-house know-how about online payment in the target markets

Payment Page: Easy integration for rapid expansion

Our Payment Page option is a secure, web-based solution for accepting online payment via a wide range of payment methods worldwide. It allows you to collect payments without handling any cardholder data, which significantly reduces your PCI scope.

Payment Page enables you to enter new markets quickly without significant resource investments. The Worldline Payment Page supports local languages for most payment methods (for example, a Union Pay consumer will see a payment form in Chinese).

Web Service API: Full control of the payment experience and data

Our Web Service API option is a secure, web-based solution for accepting cards and alternative payment methods worldwide. It’s designed to be easily integrated and scalable, and to enable secure and trusted transactions. It lets you process and collect payments with full control and flexibility.

Client Side Encryption: Secure option for card payments only

Our Client Side Encryption option offers the same features and benefits as the Web Service API option, but for card payments only. It also offers an additional encryption feature which enables you to reduce your PCI scope.

Device Payment REST API: Flexibility and control, without the full burden of PCI

Our Device Payment REST API option is a secure, web-based solution for accepting cards worldwide. You collect payments without passing the cardholder data through your servers, reducing your PCI scope. By investing in necessary IT resources and drawing upon in-house payment know-how, you gain flexibility and control over your customers’ payment experience.

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