Intelligent fraud management


ACI ReD Shield® is an intelligent, real-time fraud management solution customized to the requirements of major eCommerce merchants. Delivered as a managed service through an expert team of experienced risk analysts, ReD Shield provides instant, accurate decisions on all transactions across channels, geographies and payment types. The solution’s interactive self-service business intelligence portal, ACI ReDi ™, provides an invaluable window into transaction data, enabling merchants to continuously monitor and refine their fraud prevention rules to stop fraud faster.

ReDi provides a powerful analytical view of transaction trends, allowing merchants to monitor their payment activities and make more accurate business decisions.


Consumers are increasingly engaging with merchants through multiple channels, using an ever-expanding choice of payment methods. With the demand for ever-faster order fulfillment, within and across borders, comes heightened exposure to fraud risk and complex fraud management challenges.
To protect and grow business online, merchants need an agile fraud management solution closely tailored to their individual needs, capable of evolving and scaling with their business. A solution that enables genuine orders and promotes customer loyalty, while reducing fraud losses and minimizing costs.


ReD Shield is a real-time, multi-tiered fraud solution delivered to merchants via Worldline. It utilizes machine learning models, predictive and behavioral analytics, customer profiling techniques and shared data to support valuable transactions and identify and isolate potentially fraudulent ones. The platform delivers a holistic business solution that reduces fraud and chargebacks, protects revenues, supports growth and enhances the customer experience by reducing false positives and manual reviews.
ACI’s continuous investment program ensures that ReD Shield remains fast, robust and can scale to meet the challenges merchants face as eCommerce and multi-channel demands continue to grow. Investing in the latest technology and third-party connections enables ACI to deliver best-in-class, agile solutions which support the business success of merchants.


ReD Shield is underpinned by a wealth of fraud intelligence, which is accessible by all merchants who use the solution. ACI holds its own continuously updated, proprietary screening database, which can be used to accept, challenge or deny transactions for merchants. This intelligence enables merchants to build extensive customer profiles and a more accurate view of their transactions — both good and bad.

The ReD Shield business intelligence portal, ReDi, equips merchants with a valuable window to changing fraud patterns, the impact of fraud rules and rule changes (including those in silent mode), as well as the ability to analyze these trends, down to the individual transaction level. Fraud processing activities can be monitored in near-real time or viewed as longer term trends, providing valuable insight that can be used to improve the performance of internal fraud teams, as well as in the development of marketing and channel strategies and business expansion plans.

ACI RFX™, the retrospective screening capability within ReDi, enables the re-screening of live orders against new fraud intelligence received into the ACI database. This gives merchants the opportunity to block fraudulent activity at different points during the lifecycle of the transaction — enabling them to detect and shut down fraud faster.


It is the expertise of ACI’s team of risk analysts that really differentiates the ReD Shield solution. Their analysts ensure that the ReD Shield service is precisely tailored to the needs of each vertical and even individual merchants, depending on requirements. The team is a global one, giving merchants an unrivalled view of fraud trends, as well as ensuring they can be supported anywhere in the world.

ACI and ReD Shield are trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands. ACI’s merchant base includes leading retailers, gaming companies/digital merchants, OTAs, telecommunication companies and other major eCommerce merchants.

With 40 years’ experience building, implementing and operating payment systems, and more than 20 years delivering fraud management solutions globally, no other fraud vendor has the same holistic set of tools, or the depth, breadth and experience of ACI.

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